Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Thanks for purchasing! At Magic Rugs, we pride ourselves on the quality of our rugs. Depending on the product line you purchased, it will most likely last you decades. However, over this time, many accidents are likely to happen that could damage your rug. As such, we have compiled a short care manual for when things go wrong, and routine care instruction to maximize the life of your rug.

Routine Maintenance


  • All our rugs are vacuum safe
  • Avoid excessive back and forth brushing over the rug to maximize the lifespan of the rug, instead, opt for a slower push in one direction
  • Some rugs have yarn on the edge of the rug for decorative purpose. They might get tangled in the rotating vacuum head. As such, exercise causation when vacuuming near the edge


  • The safest and most convenient way of moving a rug is to roll it, with the back of the rug exposed to the outside
  • Do not place sharp, heave object on the rolled rug


  • Do not wash with carpet washers, steam washers, or the like. This is because mold can form as a result of improper drying. Instead, we recommend wiping the rug with a damp tower manually.

Other Warnings

  • UV degrades dyes, as such, prolonged (years) exposure to strong sunlight might cause the color on the rug to fade


Specific Situations

Bubble Gum

  • Place ice in a Ziplock bag and chill the gum until it is hard
  • Carefully remove from rug surface

Candle Wax

  • Same as care instructions for gum

Ink Drop

  • Do not wait until the ink is dry. Act as soon as you can. You can place small droplets of water on the ink to keep it wet
  • Place a small amount of plain yogurt over the ink and mix carefully. The goal is try to get the ink absorbed into the yogurt without excessively wetting the rug. After the yogurt has turned color, wipe clean with paper towel. Careful not to damage other parts of the rug with ink in the yogurt
  • Repeat the above step until no more ink can be extracted 

Soft drink, tea, coffee, and other colored drinks

  • Do not let the drink dry. Once dried, the sugar and dye in the drink is much more difficult to get out
  • First use dry paper towel and try to absorb as much liquid into the paper. Do this until no more liquid can be extracted
  • Place small amount of cleaning solution on a damp towel or paper towel. Gently brush over the rug until clean


  • Avoid using high strength chemicals. Always start with low strength cleaners
  • Use dry paper towel and try to suck up as much of the oil as possible
  • Start with a weak cleaner such as diluted dish soap and apply onto the rug with a damp towel. A good dilution ratio to start out is 1 part disk soap and 5 part warm water.
  • When you are sure that the oil spot has cleaning solution applied, put the damp towel over the oiled spot and heat up a cloth iron to medium heat setting and put it over the damp towel. You should see steam coming out of the damp towel. If you don’t lift the iron off the towel and increase the heat setting
  • Steam the oiled spot for about 10. Even if your iron has a steam function, do not place the iron directly over the rug without the damp cloth
  • Check if the spot has been successfully cleaned. If not, repeat the procedure a few more times. If it is still there, change to higher concentration cleaning solution.
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