Introducing New Contemporary Rugs

Introducing New Contemporary Rugs

Modern themed rugs that are cheaper and easier to maintain

Today, we’re super excited to launch a new collection of modern designs that will pair perfectly with contemporary furnishing. This is made possible by collaborating with some of the leading manufactures from the Middle East using new patented manufacturing processes enabling super detailed and intricate designs.


If you’ve been a customer of ours, you know that our rugs have always been much higher quality than rugs sold in local stores and furniture store chains across Canada. This new series is not much different, in that it slightly sacrifices quality for a lower price point and a much more intricate design. Though it will not last you two decades like our 1,200 reeds do, it will still last you many years. This makes it an especially economical choice for customers who are looking for refreshing designs to updating their home furnishing once so often.

These rugs are made possible by the invention of high resolution industrial rug printers that are capable of injecting dye deep into the rug to prevent colors fading. The ink used is also safe from chemical cleaners to ensure ease of maintenance. This contrasts with the often more stringent maintenance requirements of more expensive rugs, where certain cleaning agents are off limits.

A lot of work has also gone into reducing the weight of these new rugs. Many rug owners know how difficult moving a traditional large piece of rugs could be as it could easily weigh over a hundred pounds or more. This is a significant hurdle for homeowners whom move more often; comparably, our new contemporary collection weights much less. This allows us to pass the savings in shipping cost onto you and ensure the rug is easy to handle.

We hope you love them as much as we do!

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