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Rug Related Technical Terms

What are knots, reeds, density and how are hand-knotted rugs differ from machine made rugs?

Please see our blog post here.


About Our Rugs

What material are the rugs made from?

Our 1200, 1000, and 700 reed rugs are made from 100% acrylics, with weft yarn made from cotton. Our 700 reeds contemporary rugs are made from polyester.


What are the differences between different reeds?

Reed is a measure of stitch density. A higher reed rating means there are more fiber per area of rug, thereby allowing for more intricate and complex design. Higher reeds rating will also be heavier and will last longer, with 1200 reeds demonstrating the best of craftsmanship and quality.



Where do you ship?

At this moment we ship to all Canadian provinces. For shipments outside of Canada, please contact us with the rug name, size and destination, and we will provide a custom shipping quote for you.


How long does it take from placing an order to receiving my order?

Most of our orders to Canada will arrive within 2 weeks, with a small portion taking up to 3 weeks.


Do I have to pay duties when my item arrives at the door?

No, you will not be paying any duties or customs clearance fees.


Which carrier handles the shipping? Do I have other options?

Our shipments are handled by Canpar, if you prefer another carrier, please get in touch with us. There might be a small difference in shipping costs which we will confirm with you prior to placing the order.


How heavy will the shipment be? What’s the size?

Each square meter of rug weights around ~3.5kgs. As such a 2m by 3m rug will weigh around 21kg. An adult should have no problem handling the rug.


Can I cancel the order once its placed?

If you would like to cancel an order, please get in touch with us as soon as possible via the contact form or call 1-855-625-7607. If the rug has already been sent out, we might charge you the return shipping fee to Ottawa, Ontario.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, please contact us with the rug name, size and destination, and we will provide a custom shipping quote for you.



What’s the return & exchange policy?

We try our best to accept all returns and exchanges. Please see our return policy here for details.



My rug is dirty, what should I do?

Please see our blog post on care instructions here.